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Friday, May 27, 2011

Prayers for Peace

Seek the shalom of Yerushalayim and pray for the peace of Palestine.
As I prepare to return to Jerusalem I find myself praying for peace in these days in which conversations about the formation of a Palestinian state have taken center stage, again, for awhile, in the media of the United States. I am revisiting some of the scriptures that speak to me across time and space offering hope and the promise of peace, particularly for Jerusalem.
Psalm 122:6 famously bids prayers for Jerusalem, and the second phrase speaks to me anew in these days: May they who love you, Jerusalem, may they prosper.
Today I think of all who love Jerusalem: Muslims, Christians and Jews, secular and religious Jews, progressive and conservative Christians, moderate and fundamentalist Muslims, politicians and private citizens. May they - we - all prosper, in the ways of peace and security and well-being, and sufficiency and abundance and goodness, in humanity and dignity, and in justice and righteousness.
And recalling the last verse, may we all seek that which is truly good, not that which is convenient, or expedient or popular, but that which is truly good good for Jerusalem and all who love her.

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  1. A beautiful prayer. let it be heard