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Thursday, July 28, 2011

St. George College, Parish House, Cathedral and Grounds

The Cathedral and grounds of St. George are home to a Pilgrim Guest House, College (that offers pilgrim courses), the Cathedral, a Parish House, Diocesan Offices, Bishop's House, museum, gardens and more.

It is a great privilege to live in community here for my final week. Each day is bound with prayer and/or Eucharist. The emphasis on pilgrimage here (as opposed to tourism) means constantly discerning for God's guidance in setting out each day and in reflecting on the sights, sounds, conversations and experiences. My fellow pilgrims are a source for discernment and inspiration as well. The Cathedral congregation is fluid and welcoming. Those of us who pray Evening Prayer are few but faithful.
The Parish House above: look for the stained glass windows in the slideshow at the very bottom.
The property is beautiful and the appointments are exquisite. It is a lot like living in a castle!

The College of St. George (sitting room pictured above) has become one of my favorite places.
Look for pictures of its chapel and grounds, and more of the interior in the slideshow below.

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